Picture of the Day: Date Night on Big Branch

Written by: Melissa Comar

Melissa Comar

Melissa Comar sports some fashionable angling attire, as she casts to native brook trout in Vermont’s Big Branch.

photo by Shawn Comar

For the first time in months, my husband and I got to spend some time without our almost-two-year-old daughter. We chose to go fishing in a fresh mountain brook and spend our evening catching brook trout. How romantic! I even wore a skirt. To me, nothing in the world beats the surroundings of a Vermont stream—the fresh water, beautiful boulders, green trees, and various wildlife bopping around is truly nature’s splendor.

We hiked down into the riverbed by jumping from rock to boulder in order to get to the perfect pools. After about five casts into the head of little pool, I hooked up with one of nature’s most beautiful creations, a brook trout, but then it got away. I repeated my cast and watched the rise. I pointed my rod tip downstream and then brought the rod tip up when it was time, and I managed to land the beautiful creature, a native Vermont brookie.

I don’t think my husband could have been more proud to watch his wife, in a skirt, land a trout, even if it was only 7 inches long. Big Branch is a beautiful place and will alway hold a special place in our hearts, for it’s a place where we experience trout fishing at its finest.

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