Picture of the Day: Jackie’s First Landlock

JJ Salmon2

Jackie Jordan is all smiles, as she hoists a gorgeous Vermont fish, her first landlocked salmon ever. Just a bit earlier, she had lost an even larger one.

photo courtesy Jackie Jordan

Just last year, Jackie Jordan, one of our assistant art directors, was a beginning fly fisher. I posted about her very first fish on a fly, as well as her first big brown. Today, she sent me the above picture of a gorgeous landlocked salmon, caught from a river in far northern Vermont, along with a note:

This was my first salmon, a 20-incher. Right before I landed this one, I had two others on, but they both broke off after I had fought them for awhile. The second one—which we estimated at about 23 inches—was my first jumper! I was using my Helios 9-goot, 5-weight with a nymph and a dropper. It was a great run!

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