Picture of the Day: Jeff the Trout

Written by: Katie Cone

Jeff the fish

A short trip home for the holiday provided one angler with her trout of the season so far.

photo courtesy Katie Cone

On my recent trip home to Arlington, Vermont, for Memorial Day weekend, I set my sights on fishing Otter Creek. After visiting the Orvis store in Manchester to get the fishing report, I headed out for a relaxing day on the river. There were already a few people milling about, so I decided to walk in farther, toward a spot that had been promising two years ago when I had visited Otter Creek as a fly-fishing beginner. With the mountains surrounding me and the ferns growing clear above my head, I began to remember how special fishing in southern Vermont is. It seemed so peaceful compared to the hustle and bustle of the Washington, DC, life I have grown accustomed to this past year.

I eventually found a spot that looked like it had potential and got my fly wet. After many casts, my fly managed to find the mouth of a hungry rainbow trout, and before I knew it I began to hear the sweet melody of line peeling out of my reel. As the fish started to tire, I was able to regain some of my line and get a better view of the trout I had connected with. Once it was in the net, I admired not only the size of my fish, but also the sheer beauty of this colorful rainbow trout. After taking a few photos, I released the fish and gave it the name “Jeff” in loving memory of a dear friend of mine.

Katie Cone is the daughter of Orvis Human Resources Manager Michelle Cone, who works with us at company HQ.

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