Picture of the Day: Serious Manistee Steel

Manistee Steel

Jon Ray (left) and Philip Edmund with a gorgeous Manistee steelhead prior to release.

photo courtesy Chuck Hawkins

Here’s a great story from Chuck Hawkins of Hawkins Outfitters in Traverse City, Michigan:

Last week, while fishing with Head Guide Jon Ray of Hawkins Outfitters, Philip Edmund from Illinois caught his first steelhead on the swing. The fish was located in front of a nasty woodpile, as is common on the Lower Manistee River. When the fish grabbed the fly, Philip really had to put the screws to it because the only way he was going to land his first streamer-hooked steelhead was to pull it out of the woodpile and move it into midriver for the fight. This was a very big steelhead, fresh from Lake Michigan, and Philip put it to him and got us the great photo. Nothing better than testing your rods and knots on a big, mean steelhead!

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