Picture of the Day: Sweet Fly-Fishing Ink

Body art is everywhere these days, but much of it is garish and over-the-top. I appreciated the classic, understated look of this tattoo, which I noticed on the leg of an attendee at the Sandy River Spey Clave in Gresham, Oregon.
Photo by Phil Monahan

2 thoughts on “Picture of the Day: Sweet Fly-Fishing Ink”

  1. Pinning fly fishing stuff to my Pinterest board, i stopped suddenly to peek at this leg. And the tattoo. I called out loud, “this looks like my leg.” And, I thought, “does someone have that tat too?” This is really cool. Thank you for the good insight: the classic understated look of the tattoo. I have two more classics now on the calfs now too I think you might like. Thank you.

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