Picture of the Day: Suzanne’s Monster Spring-Creek Brown Trout

Suzanne Big Brown

Quality Chick Suzanne caught this huge brown from just a foot of water.

photo by Craig Fellin

Craig Fellin of Big Hole Lodge sent us this great photo of Suzanne, one of the Quality Chicks, with a giant brown trout caught from a Montana spring creek last month. Here’s the story behind it:

After the PMD hatch, the fish got spooky and the casts had to be perfect. I found this brown holding in a foot-deep riffle. Suzanne had to make a 60-foot cast with a size 16 Flying Ant. She shot a cast above the fish and stripped the line as it rolled back toward her through the riffle. BAM! This 23.5-inch, 5-pound brown exploded on the fly!

Congrats, Suzanne! That’s a fish of a lifetime.

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