Picture of the Day: The Dropsies

photo by Zach Matthews, The Itinerant Angler

You’ve done the hard work of hooking, fighting, and landing a 4-pound Grand River steelhead a few miles up from Lake Erie. Now it’s time for your closeup with the trophy, but it has other ideas. It’s about this time that you ask yourself, with a sinking feeling, “Did I take the hook out already?”

5 thoughts on “Picture of the Day: The Dropsies”

  1. Ha! I love these pics! 🙂 They make me smile—like the fish has a one up on us even though we got it to net! REally love when its my husband though and not me!

  2. Same thing happened to me a couple yrs ago. I brought in the largest sheepshead I ever caught only to watch him flip flop back into the water as soon as I unhooked it.

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