Pictures of the Day: Eastern Guide Rendezvous Brown Trout

Written by: Michael Steiner, Orvis Operations Manager, Nemacolin Field Club

The wild brown trout of the Battenkill are wary and big, but a Hendrickson
spinnerfall will bring them to the surface.

photos courtesy Michael Steiner

[Editor’s Note: Someone commented that, based on the pictures published on, the Western Guide Rendezvous looked like it was more fun than the Eastern version. To prove that the Eastern guides got a chance to lay into some nice trout, too, here’s a post from Michael Steiner of Nemacolin Field Club in Farmington, Pennsylvania.]

This past week we were in attendance at the Orvis Endorsed Guide’s Eastern Rendezvous, held in Manchester, Vermont. This was our first opportunity to vist the corporate facilities, rod-building factory, flagship Orvis school facility, and flagship retail store. I must say that all of the above facilities are second to none, and my personal favorite was seeing where the rods are constructed.

The actual meetings were held on Tuesday the 17th and Wednesday the 18th. This was a great chance to see and hear how Orvis plans on moving forward in the next 12 months and beyond. There is a lot going forward, so definitely keep on the lookout for the NEW product (some sick stuff is on the horizon). These meetings are always a great time to catch up with our fellow guides and the Orvis guys/gals. It was a great Rendezvous and can’t wait to do it again.

Now for the good stuff: We also tried to get on the water as much as possible while at the meeting. The big fish above was caught on the Battenkill on a great one-winged cripple Hendrickson-spinner pattern (our guide Antoine’s). In total, we brought close to 20 fish to the net on the Battenkill, and we were told that wasn’t to shabby. As we were driving back to Pennsylvania, we decided to stop and fish the West Branch of the Delaware. That turned out to be a great call, with tons of bugs and big fish eating them. (The bottom two fish are from the WB.)

I would like to send an extra special thanks to Antoine Bissieux, who really took care of us while in Vermont. He put us on fish and is a lot of the reason we had the success we did. He is really a top notch guy/guide, and if you are ever headed to the Battenkill, I would not hesitate to give him a call.

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