Pics of the Day: Maine’s Other Autumn Colors

Written by: Scott Story, Libby Camps

If you think the colors of autumn are reserved for fall foliage, than you haven’t seen our brookies! Up for a cast and blast, my friends Steve and Matt spent a couple of days going after these gorgeous brook trout before taking to the woods for the King of the Upland Birds. Some challenging weather and a couple of hikes to test our fortitude brought them rewards of fish that were absolutely stunning in color. The brilliant red spots with blue halos stand out on the dark background. The stunning orange bellies and tri color fins make for what I consider the most beautiful fish anywhere. While the season is now closed with the exception of a few late ponds, don’t miss out next season at Libby Camps of Maine. Ask the Libby family about a cast and blast and make your reservations early!

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