Pictures of the Day: Red, Hot, & Salty

Written by: Shawn Combs

Shawn Combs and an LA Red

Orvis Rod & Tackle product developer Shawn Combs with a fine Louisiana redfish.

photo by Tim Daughton

On the way to the International Fly Tackle Dealer show in New Orleans, Tim Daughton and I had an opportunity to test our new Hydros Redfish line in a real bayou setting. After a couple airplanes and rental cars, we showed up to the Cajun Vista Inn, about a half an hour south of the city. We set off in the morning, dodging gators in search of clear water. One “almost sunk the boat” experience later we were getting shots at reds and making good.

The line worked great, and we both learned some cajun. When Tim decided to not release his red into the cooler, our guide responded, “Dat’s a keepa. Only one thang ta do: kill it ‘n’ fill it.”  Which later we translated to “Grilled redfish tastes good, boy.” We spent the rest of our day disappointing the cooler.

Shawn Combs is a product developer for Orvis Rod & Tackle.

Tim Daughton with a Lousiana Redfish

Product developer Tim Daughton trying out the new Hydros Redfish fly line to some effect.

photo by Shawn Combs

Screaming Mirage

You can never tell how well a line will perform until you
get it out on the water.

photo by Tim Daughton

Shawn with a Big Red

Field testing is certainly one of the best parts of the job.

photo by Tim Daughton

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