Podcast: A Montana Trout Mystery, with Wade Fellin

[Interview starts at 45:48]

This week my guest is guide and lodge owner Wade Fellin of Big Hole River Lodge. Wade is on the vanguard of trout health in Montana, particularly in the Big Hole Valley, and they have been seeing trout die at the time of year when water temperatures and flows are optimum, which is concerning. Wade shares with us how they are obtaining samples of trout to send to a lab, some possible reasons for this problem, and what might be done to address the issue. He also makes it clear that trout fishing in Montana is still awesome and that people should not cancel a trip or not plan a trip. Fishing is still great, but we need to perhaps take even more care in releasing fish—and in deciding how many fish to catch in any given day.

In the Fly Box, there are some great questions, tips, and comments from listeners, including:

  • A listener shares with us how he analyzed his casting and solved a problem.
  • Are we overusing UV-cure resins in our fly tying?
  • I can’t afford new waders and have leaks in my old ones. Should I try to buy a pair of used waders?
  • When fishing dry flies in lakes, should I twitch the fly or just let it sit?
  • Why aren’t all nymph patterns tied on jig hooks?
  • Why am I missing so many small trout in a local stream?
  • With the severe flooding in Vermont, how will that affect my fishing when the water drops?
  • A listener wants to give a shout-out to two generous anglers who gifted him and his wife with a box of flies while they were on their honeymoon on the Henrys Fork.
  • Good tips on the benefits of a long-handled net.
  • Why am I missing hook sets on my fiberglass rod?
  • How can I involve my family more in my fly fishing?
  • Do you have any tips for coiling line so that it does not tangle when I shoot line?
  • I am moving from DC to Dallas, and I know there is no trout fishing around. Are there any fly-fishing opportunities near Dallas?

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