Podcast: A New Way of Fishing a Dry-Dropper Rig, with Josh Miller

[Interview begins at 43:10]

Josh Miller has been a guide, a competitive angler, and a fly-fishing coach for years. Like many young fly fishers, he is an innovative angler who doesn’t rely only on older methods of fly fishing, but develops his own techniques based on how he wants his flies to drift. This podcast is a geeky one with some rambling, but I think Josh has some thought-provoking ideas that will get many of us re-examining our own methods.

In the Fly Box, we have some interesting questions and tips from listeners, including:

  • What model of an older Orvis rod do you still fish?
  • Do you have any tips for casting a Spey rod from the beach?
  • The head on a fly I tied unraveled. Was it because I used Superglue and half hitches?
  • A tip from a listener on a product that will sharpen fly-tying scissors.
  • What conditions are best for fishing a bamboo rod?
  • Can I under-line a fiberglass rod?
  • Can I cut the taper off an old WF5F line to make a lighter line for small streams?
  • How can I get my fly-tying thread to jump backward so I can tie in tricky materials?
  • What kind of setup do I need for catching snakeheads on a fly rod?
  • Why do smaller streams produce smaller trout and bigger rivers bigger fish?
  • What kind of PFD should I get for wearing under a fishing vest?
  • Why can’t I find good brown and grizzly dry-fly hackle in size 12?
  • What do I need to do to switch between conventional nymphing and Euro nymphing?
  • Do most communities have fly-fishing clubs and how do I find them?
  • If I am going from a small stream to a lake, should I lengthen my butt section or lengthen my tippet?

One thought on “Podcast: A New Way of Fishing a Dry-Dropper Rig, with Josh Miller”

  1. Clearly, Josh Miller has a Major League FF Resume.
    Unfortunately , his presentation skills indicate he got cut from his Little League Team.
    That was REALLY , REALLY painful to listen to.
    The matchmaker in me wants to hook up J Miller and the other recent SUPER lame pod guest who just as painfully jabbered her way thru ” Wader Safety”…featuring a myriad of well rehearsed buzz words that immediately exposed her as someone unworthy.
    Tom…we love u
    Maybe u can just have George Daniel for every episode.
    Can’t wait for Ralph Cutter, April Vokey, or Tim Flagler and others who have some serious Street Cred.

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