Podcast: A Sportsman’s Life–Guides Remember Leigh Perkins

[Interview starts at 47:52]

Leigh H. Perkins, or “LHP” as he was known, was the driving force behind Orvis from 1965 into the 1990s and was a legendary marketing and outdoorsman. He passed away this spring (read a remembrance here), and I wanted to interview some of his favorite guides and fishing buddies to give people a sense of what he was really like in the field. He was fearless, always cheerful, and never had a bad day of fishing no matter what the conditions–a lesson for all of us. I hope you’ll enjoy LHP stories from John Kowalski, Lori-Ann Murphy, and Rick Ruoff.

In the Fly Box, we have some great questions, including:

  • Which kind of poly leader should I get?
  • How do I keep my hands warm when fly-fishing in the winter?
  • A new fly fisher shares stories of rudeness and kindness on the water.
  • I have been fishing a variety of fly patterns on a North Georgia stream, all in size 14, and can’t catch any fish. What am I doing wrong?
  • If I am catching whitefish and suckers,  am I fishing in the right place? How do I sort out the trout from the whitefish and suckers?
  • Why are the trout that used to eat my black Woolly Bugger still striking at it but not connecting?
  • Can I fish tenkara-style with a standard fly rod?
  • Does Tom have any questions for the listeners?
  • Are species-specific fly lines any good or is it just marketing?
  • I have some hooks that are marked as 2X long with a 2X extended gap. Aren’t these just hooks that are one size larger?
Capt. Rick Ruoff with LHP and a fine snook.

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