Podcast: Accuracy in Fishing for Redfish and Other Flats Species, with Lucas Bissett

I don’t know why redfish have a reputation for being easy to catch. Every one I have ever cast to was spooky and suspicious. I’ve also found that when casting to redfish, especially in the fascinating times when they’re tailing in shallow water, accuracy is key. And I don’t mean in the general area. You need to place the fly in exactly the right spot based on which direction the fish is facing. Want to find out more about gaining accuracy on redfish? You’ll have to listen to this week’s podcast, where I interview Orvis Saltwater Guide of the Year Lucas Bissett of Slidell, Louisiana.

In the Fly Box this week, I try to answer questions on tides and currents in salt water, color of leader material, an old fly dressing formula, the Hopper Twitch, feather clippings, and how to reconcile the feeling of getting skunked (my wife and fishing buddies will tell you I don’t do this well).

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Lucas Bissett shows off a gorgeous Louisiana redfish.
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  1. Need to post these on mondays to have something to look forward to and listen to at work during the week, not on a friday afternoon!!! Thanks again for the great podcasts.

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