Classic Podcast: Advanced Nymphing Techniques, with George Daniel


This week, my guest on the podcast is the great George Daniel, one of the finest anglers in the world and a wonderful teacher. George is also refreshingly un-dogmatic, and even though he is an expert on nymph fishing, he does not stick to only one method, but uses all kinds of techniques depending on the conditions. There are scores of good tips in this podcast, so if you enjoy nymph fishing don’t miss it.

In the Fly Box this week, you’ll find answers (or at least my attempt to answer) questions about:

  • How do I keep my reel from getting tangled at the end of the day?
  • Is a fiberglass rod a disadvantage for distance and in the wind?
  • Do you have some tips on fishing mayfly spinner falls?
  • Can I catch carp when they are spawning?
  • How do I make my Humpies more durable?
  • Can I catch channel catfish on a fly rod?
  • Can I fish a Gurgler on an intermediate line?
  • Will textured fly lines hurt my rod guides?
  • How can I land big fish by myself without high-sticking my rod?

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

George Daniel shows off a brown trout from one of his Pennsylvania home waters.
All photos courtesy George Daniel

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  1. on this part about Podcast: Advanced Nymphing Techniques, with George Daniel, since those list question didn’t write on to answer those question and use to play and listen unfortunately i am deaf and there was no caption too i would love to know what did they saying of course i love fishing and wish this could add on written or caption on it something i know what this talking about it or anything kind of bum to me but hope next time something that will add to it i would be appreciate it thanks

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