Classic Podcast: Advanced Steelhead Tips with Damon Newpher

This week’s podcast is a classic, from 2016, on Great Lakes steelhead fishing, in particular the tributaries to Lake Erie. Damon Newpher, longtime Orvis-endorsed guide, offers advanced tips on some of the techniques he uses, which should work on all Great Lakes tribs. You might be surprised to learn that he uses a dry/dropper rig and nymph rigs, and of course he’s got a few tricks for swinging flies.

In the Fly Box, we tackle questions about fishing nymphs deep in weedy waters, drift boat anchors, how to cast a large fly on a relatively light rod, migrating trout, fishing near redds, weed guards on flies, cigarette smoke and trout, and the dreaded Mop Fly.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

Damon shows of a fine steelie from a Lake Erie trib.
Photo via Facebook

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  1. Phil, is there a glitch with podcast app? It’s suddenly not working on my iPhone. I’ve re-downloaded the app and podcast but when I hit play, the app goes to the podcast for a fraction of a second before returning to the “play” screen. This now happening with all the podcasts I’ve downloaded. Anyone advice?


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