Podcast: Advanced Trout Techniques with Tom Brown

In response to requests for more advanced podcasts, this week I have an interview with Tom Brown, a master at technical trout fishing, long-time fishing manager in our Roanoke retail store, and now a member of our Outfitter Team (the great people who answer your technical fly fishing questions via phone, e-mail, or chat). In the Fly Box, we cover whether a 3-weight is okay for an all-around Rocky Mountain rod, whether the absence of small fish in a pool indicates a big trout nearby, treble hooks for tube flies, switch rods from SUPs, the best sinking line for streams, terrestrials early in the season, and a bunch of other interesting questions.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

Tom Brown with a nice rainbow on the Henrys Fork.
Photo courtesy Tom Brown

4 thoughts on “Podcast: Advanced Trout Techniques with Tom Brown”

  1. Just starting in fly fishing. Wife bought me fly rod combo for father’s day. 5/6 rod combo. Will the 5/6 rod handle pan fish and medium bass here in central ohio? I will be fishing for trout also.

    1. Hi Rick,
      No one answered you in a while so thought I would give you my two cents. I think most people use heavier rods for bass because the flies tend to be bigger, with a bigger rod it’s easier to cast a big fly. Big bass will fight hard but don’t overload the rod and let the reel do some of the work and you should be fine! You can use any size rod pretty much for trout, again it’s more about the flies and lighter rods are more fun for smaller fish! 🙂

      Greg B.

  2. Always trying to learn something different and I learned a lot on this podcast thank you so much

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