Podcast: All About Floating Fly Lines, with Josh Jenkins

[Interview starts at 49:28]

What is the difference between freshwater and saltwater fly lines? How about warmwater and cold-water lines? How long do fly lines last? How do you care for a fly line? How do you clean a fly line? Why do we have over-weighted fly lines? These are questions I often get for the podcast, so I asked Josh Jenkins, head of R&D for Scientific Anglers, to answer these questions and more about floating fly lines.

In the Fly Box, as usual we have some great questions and helpful tips from listeners they want to share with you, including:

  • What is the best rod length, line size, and leader for brook trout?
  • Can I throw a small Woolly Bugger with my 3-weight rod, or do I need a heavier rod?
  • Are there any fly-tying materials that could have a negative health impact?
  • Do you know of a source for those bags used to hold fly-tying materials?
  • What flies can I use ruffed grouse feathers on?
  • Should I use my heavier nymph as my point (lower) fly?
  • I am looking at an Amplitude Creek line for small streams, but it states the line is one size heavier. Will it spook the brook trout I am after?
  • How many flies do you lose every season, and how do you lose most of them?
  • How long should I expect a fly to last?
  • I love carp and bass fishing and have always been underwhelmed by trout fishing. What am I missing?
  • Are 6-piece rods any good, and would you take one on a long trip?
  • I got some old feathers that are bug infested. How can I clean them to make sure all the critters are gone?
  • A useful tip from a listener—to slow you down and help you observe a river better, don’t string up your rod until you get to the river.
  • What do you do when you change species? Do you have separate fly boxes for each?
  • When coming up with a new fly pattern, how do you decide hook style and thread type?
  • Tip for keeping young kids away from a fly-tying area—use a baby gate
  • What is the most versatile fly for catching bass, carp, and panfish?
  • I get seasick. What is the best place to go bonefishing where I will find calm water?

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  1. regarding caustic tying materials, UV resin wasn’t mentioned, but continued exposure to it and the vapors will result in developing an allergic sensitivity

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