Podcast: All About Inflatable Watercraft, with Mike Dolmage from NRS

[Interview starts at 34:22]

This week, we delve into the confusing world of inflatable watercraft. There are so many styles to choose from, including SUPs, kayaks, and rafts. Which are best for fly fishing? What are some tips on how to fish from one? How do you handle anchoring and paddling while being ready to make a cast? Regardless of which type you choose, they are lightweight and packable (except for the larger rafts), and they’ll get you into places where drift boats and motorboats can’t go. Mike Dolmage is a fly fishing fanatic and is in charge of marketing fishing craft for NRS, so his knowledge will help you make an informed decision and give you some tips on fishing from your inflatable.

In the Fly Box, I try to answer some easy and difficult questions, including:

  • Would you recommend a Power Taper or Bank Shot fly line for fishing for largemouth bass from shore?
  • How can I catch striped bass on the Hudson River?
  • I have a 6- and an 8-weight rod and I want to streamer fish in Montana. Do I need a 7-weight?
  • How can I get permission to fish private land when bluelining?
  • I am catching big trout on nymphs and want to get a rod longer than 9 feet. Can I fish Euro-style and still land big trout on a 10-foot 3-weight, or should I look at a 10-foot 4-weight or 5-weight?
  • How long do you think is too long to play a trout?
  • Can I use a sinking PolyLeader with an intermediate line?
  • How do you fish attractor flies? Do I just throw one out there, or should I pay more attention to hatches?
  • What line should I get for tarpon fishing with my 11-weight rod?
  • Do brown and rainbow trout have different feeding strategies?
  • Is there a sinking fly line I can use with both streamers and nymphs?

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