Podcast: All About Polarized Sunglasses, with Renato Cappuccitti of Bajio 

[Interview begins at 41:51]

I get lots of questions about polarized sunglasses—how are they made, what exactly do they do, glass vs. plastic, what color lens should I pick, do expensive ones really offer an advantage, and why can’t I get clear polarized sunglasses for low light? My guest, Renato Cappuccitti, is an expert on polarized sunglasses and will answer your questions and mine about one of the most essential pieces of gear.

In the Fly Box, we have some thoughtful and interesting questions and comments, including:

  • Why can’t I get braided leaders any more?
  • Can I just put a long level tippet on a braided leader?
  • My brook-trout stream does not seem to have any fish larger than five inches. Do you think there are any bigger ones in there?
  • I was fishing a sulfur hatch, when it started raining and the fish turned off completely. Why do you think this happened?
  • How can I eliminate wind knots when fishing a dropper rig?
  • My girlfriend has trouble stripping in fish. Do you have any tips for improving her coordination?
  • What are the pros and cons of furled leaders?
  • My floating line starts to sink after fishing for a while. Can I apply gel floatant to it?
  • A listener reminds us that, for many balance problems while fishing, you should find a licensed physical therapist
  • My fly line broke eight feet from the tip. Can I still use it?
  • How many leaders should I carry in my leader wallet?
  • A listener reminds us that too often when wading we worry about dropping our rod or phone in the water at the expense of safety.
  • An expert on UV-cure adhesives gives advice on using the right wavelength of light and the correct amount of time and distance to use the light.
  • If you have a 9-foot 5-weight and a 10-footer in the Helios models, what reason is there to have a 9-foot, 5-inch model?
  • How can I avoid putting a set into my bamboo fly rod?
  • How can I catch brook trout in high water?

One thought on “Podcast: All About Polarized Sunglasses, with Renato Cappuccitti of Bajio ”

  1. This is not about Bajio though I have a pair of their sunglasses and like them. I recently read an article about fluorocarbons and how they are toxic. Also that they are called forever chemicals since they seem not to break down in nature and accumulate in people and animals – apparently every human now has some in their blood. Does this mean fluorocarbon leaders, tippets and fishing lines add to this mess?

    I couldn’t find online any information about fishing lines in particular. Perhaps you can find out more and address this on a podcast?

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