Podcast: All About Western Caddisfly Hatches, with M.E. Sorci

A few weeks ago we did a podcast on Eastern caddis hatches, and I promised to get an expert on Western hatches. M.E. Sorci is a student of entomology, fly-fishing guide, and manager of Orvis Jackson Hole. You can tell by her enthusiasm in the podcast that she thinks caddisflies are fascinating, and she gives us some great tips on when, where, and how to fish these prolific hatches.  I learned a lot on this podcast, and you will, too.

In the Fly Box, we have some interesting and unusual questions as well as tips from listeners, including:

  • How do I fish short, fast, deep plunge pools with streamers and what line should I use?
  • What tips do you have for fighting a big fish when it runs downstream?
  • Should I fish a 12-foot leader when bluelining?
  • Can an old cork handle on an Orvis bamboo fly rod be repaired?
  • What line should I put on my 10-foot, 3-weight rod for fishing dry flies?
  • Why don’t we use other feathers from peacocks besides the eyed tails?
  • Where can I find something that shows me pictures of saltwater prey so I can imitate them?
  • Should I change tactics when fishing at sunrise and sunset?
  • So I don’t transfer invasive species how can I tell good algae from bad algae?
  • Is it possible to put too much hackle on a dry fly?
  • Why do we use dubbed bodies on dry flies?
  • Why causes a dry fly to not sit properly on the water?
  • I put small glass beads on my dry flies so I don’t crowd the head.  Do you think this is a good idea?
  • Where would Tom like to live (for fishing reasons) if he didn’t live in Vermont?  

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