Podcast: Alternatives to Steelhead in the Pacific Northwest, with Kelsey Rosborough

[Interview begins at 51:04]

There is nothing more magnificent than a wild steelhead on the fly, but because of poor returns in the Pacific Northwest this season, fishing for them will be limited. That’s no reason to park your fly rods in the garage, though.  The PNW has some alternative species that, although they are not native, are worthy targets on a fly rod:  carp and smallmouth bass. And they’re not going away, so we might as well enjoy them. My guest Kelsey Rosborough from the Orvis Outfitter Team–those knowledgeable folks who answer your technical questions when you call, e-mail, or chat about fishing products–tells us where to find these fun fish and how to target them.

In the Fly Box, we have some interesting questions and great tips from listeners, including:

  • How can I stop crowding the heads when tying flies?
  • Where does the saying “bright day-bright fly, dark day-dark fly” come from, and is there any scientific basis to it?
  • Why do I get left with curly ends when tying a clinch knot?
  • My fly line always gets tangled when walking from one spot to another.  How do I fix that?
  • Should I expect spawning striped bass/white bass hybrids in inlets to a lake?
  • Recommendations from a listener in Sweden about how to stay warm when fishing in the winter.
  • How long is too long when playing a fish?  What is the right balance between not horsing them in and getting them in quickly?
  • How long does a typical fly last?
  • What do other people do regarding fly-fishing journals?  Does Tom keep one?
  • Two tips from a listener on handling wires when tying flies
  • A listener in Australia wonders why he has more success with an Elk-Hair Caddis than an X-Caddis

Transcripts are available 2-3 weeks after posting at howtflyfish.orvis.com.

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