Podcast: Alvin Dedeaux on Being a Black Man in Fly Fishing

Last week, Alvin Dedeaux of All Water Guides–an Orvis-endorsed guide service in Austin, Texas–posted the above video to his Youtube page. We shared it on Facebook, and it generated a variety of responses. The folks at the Barbless Podcast invited Alvin to come on and dig a little deeper into his experiences in the fly-fishing world, and the discussion is illuminating. Corrinne Doctor of Rep Your Water joins the conversation, as well.

There’s quite a bit of chattiness at the beginning, but the real conversation begins at 16:45, if you’d like to skip ahead.

6 thoughts on “Podcast: Alvin Dedeaux on Being a Black Man in Fly Fishing”

  1. Thank you Alvin for your courage to share your struggles and for reminding us of the work that still lies ahead for all of us.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, folks. Much appreciated and good call on skipping to 16:45 timecode too. It was a tough subject to cover and we did our best. Thanks for keeping the conversation going 🙂

  3. Alvin,
    The funny thing is , I didn’t see a Blackman in the video. I saw a guy who got lucky @ hard work & it paid off . You realise you’re black , but I don’t see it.
    Tight Lines !
    That’s my rant ..

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