Podcast: Amelia Jensen on Lowering Fish Mortality with Better Photo Techniques

[Interview starts at 53:15]

This week my guest is the great Amelia Jensen, one of the best trout anglers in the world and also a superb videographer. Our topic is one that is top of mind to a lot of people in the fly-fishing world this summer: how we can continue to fish for trout and get photos of them while minimizing mortality to the fish and reducing handling time. One of the best ways to do this is to take photos of fish (especially trout) without taking them out of the water. This does present challenges but it’s not impossible to get a great photo of a trout while water is still running over its gills. Amelia shares the tips she has learned over the years.

Lots of questions and tips from listeners in the Fly Box, including:

  • How do I clean up the cork grips on my fly rods?
  • Is there any difference in performance with a dry dropper when the nymph is tied to the eye of the dry fly instead of the bend?
  • Is it true that by keeping trout larger than 15 inches we’ll make more room for smaller trout in a stream?
  • How do you know when to leave an area or continue fishing it?
  • A great pep talk from an experienced angler on learning fly fishing without a mentor
  • How can I get rid of clumps in my rabbit fur dubbing?
  • How can I catch spooky catfish on a fly rod?
  • Is there any difference between tying dumbbell eyes on top of the shank or under the shank?
  • Some great tips on carp fishing from an experienced carp angler from Germany 
  • Is it a good idea to freeze my wading boots to kill aquatic invasives?
  • How can I decide between a vest and a sling bag?
  • Can I fish dry flies with my Euro nymphing line?
  • Do brook trout migrate to get away from warmer water?
  • Where do you use tippet rings?
  • Is it a good idea to build knotted trout leaders with loop-to-loop connections?
  • What should I look for if I am going bonefishing without a guide and I have never fished in salt water before?
  • I am going bonefishing but to date have only fished for trout.  What adjustments do I need to make?
  • I need advice on setting the hook on steelhead when swinging Intruders
  • If I bend a small hook in my tying vise, can I put it back into shape without ruining it?

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