Podcast: America’s Native Game Fish, with Steve Ramirez

Interview starts at 41:24.

This week my guest is Steve Ramirez , author of the book Casting Forward and the upcoming book Casting Onward. Steve is an articulate and passionate writer, and in the podcast we talk about the philosophical and personal aspects of fishing for native species, in his beloved Texas Hill Country and beyond. In the Fly Box, we have some terrific questions, including:

  • Can I use my 7’11” 8-weight rod with a 5/6 reel and a 7-weight line?
  • I can hook fish on streamers using a floating line, but when I fish a sinking line I get lots of strikes but no hookup.  What am I doing wrong?
  • An angler tells a tale of woe after getting scammed trying to buy a fly rod from an online swap forum.
  • I keep hearing about people catching 20 and 30 fish in an outing. Why can’t I do that?
  • You said you throw out all your old nylon tippet after a year. Do I need to do that with heavier mono and old unused leaders as well?
  • I need a heavier rod than my 5-weight for redfish, pike, bass, and carp.  Is a 9-foot, 8-weight Recon the right rod?
  • I have trouble casting a 12-weight and need help with my strength. What can I do to make longer casts with this rod?
  • Why is Euro-nymphing more effective than fishing the standard way with an indicator and split shot? Is it because you spook fewer fish?
  • Who do people say fly fishing is not like it used to be?
  • I use an 8½-foot 4-weight for brook trout but want to try a lighter rod like a 2-weight or 3-weight.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of going to a lighter rod?
  • Where on a trout are the taste organs?

Transcripts are available two to three weeks after podcasts are posted. You can find them at howtoflyfish.orvis.com.

Photo via steveramirezauthor.com

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