Podcast: The Art of Spotting Trout, with Amelia Jensen

This week, I chat with Amelia Jensen, perhaps the best trout-spotter I have ever seen. I have always thought I was pretty god at seeing trout in the water, but Amelia can see fish I would never have spotted. Learn some of her secrets in this week’s podcast—you’ll be surprised at how often you can spot trout if you know what you’re looking for, even in fast, deep, or slightly off-color water.

In the Fly Box, we have the following tips and questions:

  • A tip from a listener on how to carry long pre-rigged fly assemblies
  • A question about what fly to fish along with a streamer when swinging for spring trout
  • A question on tips for spotting bonefish
  • How should I fish the tails of pools?
  • A listener tip on how to keep your hands warm when fishing
  • Flashy vs. non-flashy nymphs and where to put them in your nymph rig
  • A question about why fish get picky after catching a bunch of them from the same run
  • Why do trout take dry flies when I don’t see any rising?
  • Tips for avoiding spawning rainbow redds

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

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