Podcast: Bill & Tom’s Excellent Fly Lists

This week, I have been asked to narrow my fly selection to three nymphs, dry flies, emergers, and streamers with one hand tied behind my back because the guy who wrote the question said that I couldn’t use any of the old standbys (and he even specified them, most of which I would have picked). So I dug deep and also asked my fishing buddy and co-worker Bill Reed to come in and discuss his favorites to see how our lists match. (See both lists below.)

Also in the Fly Box this week are questions about spotting fish in the water, how to keep a trout on the line once you have hooked it, how to spend $1,500 wisely after your first year of fly fishing, and fly-line color. In addition, we have a couple great letters from listeners offering suggestions on eye safety and fishing the UK chalk streams on a budget.

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Tom’s Fly List:

Zebra Midge
Fly Formerly Known As Prince
La Fontaine Sparkle Pupa

Tunghead Marabou Muddler
Moto’s Minnow
Freshwater Clouser

Dry Flies
Sparkle Dun
Splitsville Beetle

Rosenbauer’s CDC Rabbit’s Foot Emerger
CDC Sulphure Emerger
CDC Emerging Caddis

Bill’s Fly List:

Higas S.O.S.
Fly Formerly Known As Prince

Muddler Minnow
Franke Shiner
McGinnis Extra Stout

Dry Flies
Rusty Spinner
Griffith’s Gnat

Breadline Emerger
CDC Emerging Caddis

Black Quick-Sight Beetle

12 thoughts on “Podcast: Bill & Tom’s Excellent Fly Lists”

  1. Always great to hear what others think about this wonderful sport. These flies would make an interesting season of fishing for any of us. I think we all could use some simplification. Not only would we lighten our loads, but using just a few patterns would improve our presentation skills. Accept the challenge!

  2. Greetings from Sweden.
    Great podcast, love it when you list flies. Looking forward to another podcast in this category, be sure to include tips on how you fish the flies. Just like Bill did regarding the cdc caddis emerger.

  3. Just wanted to let the Orvis powers that be know this podcast rules. Tom is a fantastic ambassador for the sport. It’s not one of my favorite “fishing” podcasts, it’s one of my favorite podcasts.

  4. As a person new to fly fishing, this is so helpful to me. I love the podcast. I have an Orvis shop in my town and I would like the Orvis company know that this podcast is turning me into an Orvis customer. Keep up the good work,

  5. Great list, and very interesting podcast as usual, they are always very informative, keep up the good work!

  6. YES. Thanks for posting!!

    I love the Orvis flyfishing podcast. I’ve gained so much helpful advice from it.
    Many thanks.

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