Classic Podcast: Bugs, Bugs, Bugs, with Peter Stitcher

Editor’s Note: To celebrate the kickoff of the 2019 Giant Fly Sale, here’s a great classic podcast about choosing the right fly for a given situation.

This week, I interview aquatic biologist and fly fisher Peter Stitcher, who not only has a great way of organizing fly boxes (a question I have always neglected to answer properly), but he also has some great guidance on how to figure out what is in the river and how to pick a fly from your box that will do the best job of imitating that insect—without any detailed knowledge of entomology.  If you learn his acronyms PAUSE and MATCH, I am convinced you will have all the knowledge you need to be more successful. Listen to the podcast to learn what these acronyms mean.

In The Fly Box, we have all sorts of great questions this week:

  • The difference between braided and furled leaders
  • How to Euro-nymph rivers with spooky trout
  • Fishing a midge larva behind a streamer
  • The difference between freshwater and saltwater rods
  • How to transition from saltwater to freshwater fly fishing
  • Can I use my steelhead reel in salt water?
  • How to travel with a large net
  • Tricks for avoiding bulk when tying tiny flies
  • When to put a fighting trout on the reel
  • Tips for making very short roll casts
  • Using cat fur for dubbing
  • Decreasing hooking mortality on small brookies
  • Avoiding large cracks in fly lines

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

Peter Stitcher with a gorgeous rainbow.
Photo courtesy Peter Stitcher

If you’re interested in picking up a copy of Peter’s video, “Creating Order in Your Fly Box,” click here.

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