Podcast: California Trout Fishing, with Charlie Robinton

This week my guest is Charlie Robinton, one of the experts from the Orvis Outfitter team (the people who answer your technical questions when you call, chat, or e-mail). Charlie is an expert in California fishing, and he gives us a grand tour of northern California rivers and what to expect when you plan a fishing trip there.  You’ll get lots of solid information form a lifelong fly fisher and California native.

In the Fly Box, we have some great tips and questions from listeners (as well as a complaint), including:

  • Is there a way to determine what size fly line is best on an unmarked rod at home?
  • What is your advice on fishing stocked-only streams?
  • Can I practice my double haul with the Practi-Caster?
  • A listener takes me to task for saying on a previous podcast  that if I were back in the 1880s and had the choice of whether or not to stock brown trout, would I do it?
  • As well as avoiding redds during the spawning season, shouldn’t we take care not to step on them throughout the winter?
  • Any advice for fishing for carp in moving water?
  • I forgot my leader and had to fish with just a couple pieces of tippet material, 3X and 5X.  What would you have done?
  • How do the time of day and the moon phase affect trout fishing?
  • I am fishing large bass flies and have little back cast room. Any advice?
  • I can’t catch fish on beetle imitations.  Any advice?
  • What advice do you have for someone who is used to small streams and wants to fish big water?
  • Why don’t saltwater guides use nets?

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