Podcast: Creeped Out in Lordville

This week, I had a couple guests lined up, but we had to reschedule. Since I have not done a new podcast in a few weeks because of my travel schedule, I decided to tell a story. It’s from a magazine piece I did a number of years ago for the now-defunct magazine Fly Rod & Reel, and I have been toying with the idea of doing an audio book of my magazine stories over the years. So this is a test of the concept.  The name of the story is “Creeped Out in Lordville,” and it’s about all the decisions we have to make in the prime part of the season when fishing is good almost anywhere. It’s a departure from the usual podcast format of nuts-and-bolts advice, so I hope you enjoy it. And not to fear, there is still a Fly Box section where I do offer advice on simple technique and tackle questions, if that’s the kind of stuff you’re looking for. 

In the Fly Box this week, we have the questions and suggestions from readers:

  • Some great professional advice on that recurring theme of lower-back pain while fly fishing
  • What are the practical benefits of smooth vs. textured lines in the new Orvis Pro Fly Lines?
  • What do competitive anglers do for their own nymphing when they’re not bound by competition rules?
  • How do you fish for brown trout at night?
  • What are times to avoid when trout fishing?
  • Is air temperature, flow, or water temperature the most important consideration for trout fishing when the heat of summer is over?
  • Why did a brown trout swim over to me and rub my ankles?
  • Is there one rod I can use for both Midwest steelhead fishing and musky fishing?
  • A suggestion that big-eye hooks have benefits beyond just easier threading.
  • Why does my nymph rig break at the surgeon’s knot instead of the clinch knot connection to the fly?
  • What’s the best feather for palmering wet flies?
  • What are some “go to” patterns for Euro-nymphing?
  • After I catch a fish, should I stay in the same pool or move on?

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

4 thoughts on “Podcast: Creeped Out in Lordville”

    1. Tom,

      Great story about Lordville and fishing the D-River on your Podcast. I’ve been fishing those rivers for a long time, and it’s amazing how your descriptions and experiences fishing have mirrored my time fishing the same waters.

      I enjoyed the change of pace from the reading (in this case hearing) about tech part of our sport. As we both know, there’s a more to fly-fishing than just gear and tackle. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing a few of your thoughts and memories.


  1. Tom,
    Thanks for reading that story. I remember reading it in Fly Rod & Reel. Though the creepiness is really an illusion, I mean dolls hanging from hangman’s nooses, skeletons staring from attic windows, and mannequins sitting in a window having tea are really just inanimate objects causing no harm. Next time you’re in the area we’ll have to fish were the UFO’s fly and Sasquatches dance on the banks. 🙂

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