Podcast: Drift-Boat Etiquette on Crowded Water, with Wade Fellin

This week, the main topic of the podcast is the issue of etiquette on our more crowded trout streams, in particular the conflicts that have arisen due to the popularity of fishing from drift boats and the issues that have developed with both boat and wade anglers. My guest is Wade Fellin, Montana native, lifelong fishing guide, and lodge owner. Wade gives some examples of recent poor etiquette he’s seen on his home river, the Big Hole, and how these kinds of conflicts can be avoided. We also explore some ways that clients, as well as guides, can  help mitigate these issues.

In the Fly Box, as usual we have some interesting questions and tips, which I hope will be of interest to everyone.  Some of the topics we explore are:

  • What do you think of flies with spinner blades in front of them?
  • Are Tenkara rods good in small, brushy streams?
  • Should I be worried about fishing in a lightning storm with my graphite rod?
  • What are your thoughts about orientation on articulated hooks?
  • What can I do about CDC getting slicked back on my flies?
  • Is swinging flies for smallmouths a valid tactic?
  • Can I swing wet flies with my level competition line?
  • What can I do about red dye running from materials on my flies?
  • Is it OK to use a level leader when surf and jetty fishing?
  • What can we do about fish in heavily fished areas getting mangled mouths?
  • Can I catch catfish on a fly?
  • I have heard people say they catch trout with 80-foot casts?  What is a practical casting distance?

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

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