Podcast: Everything you want to know about walleye on the fly, with Ted Putnam

It’s not difficult to catch walleye on the fly if you know where and when to go after them. I have gotten frequent requests from listeners on how to catch walleye on the fly and have never been able to find the right expert guest. Then, a few weeks ago while filming a bass-fishing episode for the upcoming second season of the “Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide” TV show, I found my expert—Ted Putnam of Hawk Lake Lodge. Ted has shown numerous experts how to catch not only walleye but trophy walleye on the fly, and he shares his expertise on when and where, what flies to use, what lines to use, and how to retrieve the fly.

In the Fly Box this week, we have the following questions:

  • Why can’t I get bass to eat my mouse flies?
  • Why don’t the fish on my river eat salmonflies?
  • How often can I fish a population of trout and will it hurt them?
  • More discussions on fish and changes in barometric pressure. (This will be an ongoing discussion.)
  • Why do I keep losing fish when using a heavily weighted, barbless fly?
  • Can I use my 9-foot 5-weight rod for bass fishing?
  • What is the strangest fly material you have ever used?
  • When should I use Comparaduns?
  • What kind of roadkill can I use for fly tying?
  • Why did mahi in the Gulf Stream ignore my flies?
  • How does water temperature affect fish and insects?
  • Why do people not fish dry flies much any more?

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

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