Podcast: Everything You Wanted to Know About Fiberglass Rods

We’ve had a lot of requests to do a podcast on fiberglass fly rods, but I wanted to wait until the Orvis rods were in stock before I did one. The Orvis Superfine Glass rods are now in stock and on our website, so this week I cover the basics of fiberglass rods: A little history, some brief technology notes, and why you might want to at least test cast a fiberglass rod to see what all the fuss is about. They are not like the glass rods you remember from the 60s or 70s!

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8 thoughts on “Podcast: Everything You Wanted to Know About Fiberglass Rods”

  1. A HUGE YES to a future interview with Cameron from Fiberglass Manifesto!! I love his blog, and he got me hooked on fishing with glass!

  2. I acquired an older 10’6″, 3 piece older glass/cane rod. It could be a regular rod converted to fly casting quides. The Tip is cane, 27″ ; the grip, 18″, is two handed one above and one below reel seat. There are two casting guides.
    Glass Rod circumference at base above the grip is 2″.
    There are no markings on the rod to indicate manufacturer or rod Wt.

    I’m thinking of using as a Spay or Switch Rod for off shore and jetty fishing.

    Any way to determine comparable rod Wt so I can make a line and reel decision?



  3. Jazzed about getting into glass. Just got a 7′ 5/6 Eagle Claw for some retro-trailor trash panfishing this spring.

  4. Would be good to hear your view, on the comparisons and applications between the Superfine Touch and the new Glass series.


  5. Love the podcasts, I just discovered them this weekend and did nothing but tie flies while burning through podcast after podcast. Please keep up the good work!

  6. I own a Larry Kenny 811 and this is a very fine fising rod, bought 2 years ago when Orvis had no glassrods.
    Since i am traveling to the states (i live in Europe) in February, i will order a #5 8ft to fish eg. the Rena river in Norway.
    That you guys are making glass now, is great news Orvis, thank you!
    Nice podcast by the way.

  7. Dear Orvis,

    What’s been the hold up with the podcasts. I was under the assumption that we would start to get more get podcasts not less. I’m just a curious faithful customer that loves listening to every podcast every time one is posted. They are rich in information that is greatly listened to by beginners to advanced anglers that I would think would feel the same way that I do. Just showing some love for I company that I appreciate, so more podcasts!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you,
    Bradley McKeon

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