Podcast: An Excellent Introduction to Drift Boats, with Hilary Hutcheson


I frequently get requests for a podcast about drift boats, and although I enjoy rowing one, most people don’t let me row their boat unless they are really desperate. So I called on an expert, Montana guide Hilary Hutcheson, to get her advice on getting a boat, rowing a boat, and most importantly, all the responsibilities that go with getting down the river safely and with courtesy. Even if you never row a boat yourself, you’ll gain a new appreciation for the skill set your guide employs every day.

In The Fly Box this week, we explore a number of interesting questions and suggestions:

  • How can a color-blind fly fisher identify the flies in his box?
  • Why am I only getting fish on my lower egg pattern in a two-fly rig?
  • A great suggestion on dealing with tippet rings.
  • What kind of crab patterns do I need for striped bass?
  • What flies should I use for small stocked rainbows?
  • What are your thoughts on leader degreasers?
  • A suggestion on training as a whitewater guide prior to becoming a fishing guide.
  • Why do black bucktails and marabou stain my hands?
  • What are some tips on purposely dumping your back cast?
  • What is the difference between a clear and a solid blue intermediate fly line?
  • Can I make a dubbing loop with monofilament tying thread?

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

Hilary Hutcheson shares her driftboat with daughters Ella and Delaney, and she gets to fish.
Photo via Facebook

One thought on “Podcast: An Excellent Introduction to Drift Boats, with Hilary Hutcheson”

  1. As one who is sometimes guided on a drift boat I found this podcast very helpful in understanding the strategy and thinking of the guide. I know the next time I am out there I will be thinking more about what he or she is dealing with in getting me to good spots, keeping me safe and all the other things Hilary spoke about. I have always known it can be very hard work physically but this was a window into the mental side of guiding.

    Regards from Aptos Ca

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