Podcast: Fishing for Stripers off Long Island, with Sam Sifton

Interview starts at 37:13

This week, I interview Sam Sifton, Assistant Managing Editor of the New York Times and an avid fly-rod striped bass angler. (You may know Sam from his former role as the Times‘s Cooking Editor.) It’s quite a rambling discussion, from striper fishing on Long Island to the current state of striper populations to the writing of Peter Matthiessen.  Along the way, of course, we get some fish-cooking advice, but only for bluefish. Learn why Sam and I don’t eat striped bass (and it’s more than just about catch-and-release for the sake of the population).

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In the Fly Box, we have the following questions:

  • Do you have any tips for fishing a very large river?
  • How long do hooks stay sharp, and can I re-sharpen chemically sharpened hooks?
  • Why don’t you develop biodegradable hooks?
  • Why am I having problems catching spring trout in Alaska?
  • I was recently fishing a delayed harvest section and caught some smaller, beautifully colored trout. Do you think they were wild?
  • Why am I developing pains in my wrist when casting my 8-weight?
  • Should I concentrate on getting really good at catching just one species, or should I try for all the species that are available in my area?
  • In a boundary layer between dirty and clean water, where will I find the trout?
  • In your TV show, you recommended a full-sinking or Depth Charge line for bass in deep water.  Can I use a sinking poly leader on my floating line as well?
  • I am having trouble tying off the hackle at the base of the post on my parachute flies like the Klinkhammer. Can you suggest some tips?
  • Can I get a fly rod that will be good for both steelhead and musky?

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Sam Sifton with a Long Island striper.

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