Podcast: Fishing High-Water Spring Runoff for Trout, with Landon Mayer

In this week’s podcast, our guest is the very savvy guide and writer Landon Mayer, from central Colorado. Landon is the author of four books on fly fishing, numerous magazine articles, and you may have caught one of his presentations at a fly-fishing show. He’s also a hard-working guide. Landon gives us his special tips for taking advantage of the high water of spring runoff—something most of us try to avoid. But with Landon’s guidance, you might welcome these conditions.

In The Fly Box, we talk about casting practice, the use of two indicators, fishing for landlocked salmon in lakes, Woolly Buggers for steelhead, and a heartwarming story about catching a steelhead despite adverse conditions.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

Landon Mayer is known as a big-fish specialist.
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