Podcast: Fishing the Baja Surf on Foot, with Scott Sadil

[Interview begins at 41:39]

Scott Sadil, author and Fly Fishing Editor of Gray’s Sporting Journal, is a pioneer in fishing the surf in Baja, and in his many years of experience he’s learned a ton of valuable tips. Even if you never plan on fishing Baja, you’ll find his advice helpful for finding fish along a wide beach, choosing which flies and tackle to use, and learning new techniques for moving the fly.  

In the Fly Box, we have some fascinating questions from listeners, including:

  • I am having trouble casting a size 6 fly with lead eyes on my 5-weight. What can I do to correct this?
  • I am struggling with my distance casting. Any tips for helping with this, and for fishing large tailwaters?
  • When I hook panfish and bass along a shoreline, they always head for shore yet carp always swim to deep water. Why?
  • My Royal Wulffs don’t float properly when I drop them in a glass of water. What can I do to help?
  • What kind of flies and colors do you suggest for fishing the surf in Costa Rica?
  • How should I dispose of old waders that leak?
  • Is there one rod I can use for surf fishing, largemouth bass, and streamers for trout?
  • If you float a river in a canoe or kayak by yourself, how do you get back upstream at the end of the day?
  • Should I use a 7-weight or 8-weight rod for throwing big streamers for trout?
  • How should I fish freshwater rivers that are tidal for bass and pike? And how do I get wire onto the end of my leader for the pike?
  • Why do people use a Bimini Twist? I would think it just pushes the weak spot in a leader farther back.
  • Is bug spray harmful to fish?
  • If I am hiking into high alpine lakes, should I hike in my wading shoes?

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