Podcast: Flies and Tactics for Warmwater Species, with Dan Frasier

In this week’s podcast, I interview Dan Frasier, noted fly-rod carp angler and writer, on tying flies for warmwater species. But don’t miss it if you are not a fly tier because he also gives lots of tips for catching carp, largemouths, smallmouths, pike, walleye, and even gar on the fly. He also offers great stuff on tying bigger baitfish and crayfish imitations, in general.

In The Fly Box, we range from where to where to go on your honeymoon to recommendations for my favorite brand of stepladder to other questions I can answer, like what small-stream trout do in the winter, how to treat your flies in the off-season, clamp vs. pedestal vises, and much more.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

One thought on “Podcast: Flies and Tactics for Warmwater Species, with Dan Frasier”

  1. My wife C Poleson@comcast.net buys lots of orvis products for me. I have been trying to 1. recover my Orvis app since I lost my phone it was on. I cannot get the ap to come on my phone Mac app.
    I have been trying to get to your fishing knot site to no avail. I called the number in your site and the girl had a android phone and we couldn’t connect. Help

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