Podcast: Fly-Fishing in Cuba with Felipe Rodriguez

In this week’s podcast, I was honored to have Felipe Rodriguez in the studio. Felipe is the head guide for the Orvis trips to Cuba, and he is one of the most highly respected guides in Cuba, both for his knowledge of the fishery and for his education efforts with the younger generation of Cuban guides. He had never seen snow before, and arrived in Vermont and New York City in the middle of our biggest snowstorm of the winter. It was an exciting time for us and for Felipe.

In the Fly Box, we talk more about Mop Flies, basic saltwater patterns, wrist braces for fly fishers with tendonitis, UV and fluorescent materials, and advice for the younger generation of fly fishers.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

Felipe Rodriguez knows more about Cuban fly fishing than almost anyone.
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