Podcast: Fly Fishing East vs West with Jess McGlothlin

This week, I have a chat with Jess McGlothlin—author, blogger, photographer, conservationist, and a very accomplished fly fisher. She’s a Montana native and had her own equestrian business before she fell in love with fly fishing and decided to devote her life to writing about it. You have probably read pieces with Jess’s byline over the past few years, but you’ll be reading more of her in the future, as we hired her last winter as our outdoor copywriter. But Jess adds so much more to our team than just words on paper or on a screen, as you’ll learn in the interview, where we compare Eastern to Western fly fishing.

We have the usual fly box topics, such as when to wear landing gloves, when to use a “hitched” fly, how to set up your fishing vest, and a philosophy for tying or buying flies by size—in other words, if someone recommends Prince Nymphs in sizes 14-18, can you just get away with a size 16?

In case you don’t get to the podcast until later in the week, I’m speaking at Orvis Pittsburgh this Thursday (June 12) on Fishing Small Streams (3 p.m.) and Reading the Water (6 p.m.). The seminars are free, and I’ll be in the store all day if you want to stop in and give me your podcast suggestions in person. Should be fun, and I am looking forward to it.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

13 thoughts on “Podcast: Fly Fishing East vs West with Jess McGlothlin”

  1. Tom/Jess:
    Great podcast.
    Welcome Jess!
    Technical aspects are always appreciated, yet it’s nice to just “ramble” occasionally.
    Like you both, I have not read much fly fishing “fictional” literature. However, I would like to recommend a favorite:
    “The Last Pool – Upstream and Down and Big Stony” by Howard T. Walden II. If you cannot get a copy let me know; I’ll send you mine. This would be the ultimate intro to “Yankee” fly fishing for Jess.

  2. I beg to differ with your lack of good winter trout fishing in the northeast comment. We have a lovely river that fishes fantastically throughout the winter here in north eastern PA. Contact our region’s Orvis dealer to arrange a trip.

    1. SHHHHH, don’t be drawing attention to out wintertime fishing. Next thing you know Lewis Coleman will be establishing a lodge here.

  3. This was a great podcast. Really enjoy the casual dialogue and there were a lot of good tips to pick up. Nice job Tom and Jess!

  4. This was a great podcast. Tom and Jess had great chemistry together. Really appreciate the hard work you put in on the podcast. Keep them coming.

  5. Thanks for all the comments, guys. It was very fun to be able to do this—looking forward to the next one!

    BugBoss, “The Last Pool” has just been added to my reading list. Looking forward to it, thanks for the recommendation!

    Charles, I will have to check out PA wintertime fly fishing. I’m used to having Montana trout fishing 10 min. away year-round, so the entire idea of “seasons” here in Vermont threw me a bit. Thanks for the thought, and I’ll be certain to drive a bit next winter and explore.

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  7. Tom, I was at the Savage River on Monday and rumors abounded about your possible visit to the watershed.
    My only regret was not leaving one of my Lewis Coleman custom hand tied sulfur emergers for your use while you were down there…

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