Podcast: Fly-Fishing for Alternative Species in the Rockies, with Davis James

[Interview begins at 35:31]

It’s no secret that the popular trout rivers in the Rocky Mountains have gotten more crowded in the past few years. Yet there are so many species of fish that are fun to catch with a fly rod, that are closer to home, and that live in places that are far less crowded. Orvis Community Leader Davis James shares his experience with the annual “25 On the Fly” event, where anglers on the Front Range try to catch 25 different species of fish on the fly rod in two days. (No one has ever done it.) He share his tips for what species are available, how to find them, what tackle to use, and what fly patterns to try. We all need to embrace these wonderful fish to have fun closer to home and to take pressure off our more productive trout streams.

In the Fly Box, we have some great questions and tips from listeners, including:

  • What percentage of the time do you use a dry-dropper or double-dry rig?
  • What weight fly rod is best for panfish? And what flies should I use?
  • How do we ensure our fly fishing traditions are passed on to the younger generation?
  • How can I make my dry-dropper rig drift tight to the opposite bank?
  • Is fly fishing for carp popular in Europe?
  • How do I organize and carry my wide assortment of trout flies? How does Tom do it?
  • How can I fish for panfish and largemouth bass in an old gravel pit that drops off steeply?
  • A great tip from a listener about how to tie a more durable egg pattern.
  • I was fishing a double-dry rig for fish rising to small mayflies ,and although my imitation was perfect but I didn’t fool as many fish as I should have. What should I have done differently?
  • I have trouble threading my tippet onto a small dry fly. Can I tie the tippet to the bend of the hook instead?
David James with a sweet smallmouth.

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