Podcast: Fly-Fishing for Pike and Musky, with Colin McKeown

This week we have an advanced pike and musky podcast. It’s about time for these toothy guys to prowl the shallows after spawning, and they are ravenous. But you might be surprised by the retrieve speed my expert suggests, as well as many other hot tips on catching pike, including tips on the best place in the world to catch big ones on the fly. Colin McKeown, host and producer of The New Fly Fisher TV show (WFN and PBS) joins me this week as my expert witness.

We have a short fly box on tying streamer heads, getting your fly out of a tree, and a couple tips on how to choose between a graphite and fiberglass rod.

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One thought on “Podcast: Fly-Fishing for Pike and Musky, with Colin McKeown”

  1. Hi Tom,
    I am glad that you are back on weekly schedule for podcasts. I listen to your podcasts regularly, and having a sense of the schedule helps me cope.

    Now, I would really like you to do a podcast on fly tying. Specially, with material choices. For example, I am a steelhead angler. There are so many different variations in styles and materials……when do you select Marabou, vs. Bunny strips vs. arctic fox vs. Temple Dog…..I use these materials to do different things with the fly. Also, the discussion between shank (stinger) style flies, vs. Tube Flies vs articulated flies, vs. standard flies should be pretty interesting.

    Finally, a discussion about ways to incorporate weight into steelhead/salmon flies should be useful. I often struggle with the choice between light fly + Heavy sinktip vs. heavy fly + lighter sinktips to present the fly lower in the water column (for swung fly presentation). Also, what is more effective in a given river condition – broad even bottom run vs. uneven bottom with bucket type structure and obvious boulders throughout the run.

    Sorry for somewhat incoherent ramble. But, I hope I made enough sense to get your attention on the above topics.

    Thank you,


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