Podcast: Fly-Fishing for Koi


Today, we do a deep dive on the newest trend, fly-fishing for koi, that elusive fish that many people think cannot be caught on a fly rod. Nothing could be further from the truth; although these fish are challenging targets on a fly rod, they are available in many places close to home. The most exciting part of this fishery is that you can fish for them anywhere you want.

In The Fly Box, we explore a number of interesting questions and suggestions:

  • What is the single greatest trout stream in the United States?
  • What is the impact of the legalization of marijuana on fly fishing so far?
  • When you take a float trip in a drift boat or raft, how do you get back to your car?
  • What is that big pocket in the back of a fishing vest used for?
  • How to do the triple haul
  • If I only have 30 minutes to fish on a business trip, is it better to use a 9-weight or 12-weight when targeting permit?
  • Why don’t you teach shadow casting in your schools?
  • Can I make a fly out of food?
  • What are the best organic fishing spots in New England?
  • If I’ve got a great fishing spot on a crowded river and nature calls, what is the best way to take care of things and not lose my spot?

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Tom Rosenbauer with his pending IGFA-record koi caught in a secret location.
Photo by Jesse Haller

11 thoughts on “Podcast: Fly-Fishing for Koi”

  1. I believe the biggest effect of legalized marijuana on fly fishing is strange podcast topics such as this one.
    Tim in California (really).

  2. So it was that rascal Lewis Coleman!
    Old gear-chucker still owes ME for a Payday Loan and three rare Coy from my poetry garden.

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