Podcast: Foraging Along Trout Streams, with Sam Thayer

[Interview starts at 40:38]

It makes sense that stream anglers would be interested in foraging, since we’re immersed in nature all day long. But although we watch for fish and insects and birds, many of us don’t pay attention to the plants. And along trout streams there are many delicious plants you can take home for dinner—most of which will be more nutritionally dense than what you buy in the store. Plus, they’re free. If you have done any foraging at all, you have probably read some of Sam Thayer’s books. In our household, his books are the primary source. I was lucky enough to spend some time talking to Sam about why foraging along streams is especially good, and what edible plants we can expect to find.

In the Fly Box, we have no phone calls but some great questions via e-mail, including:

  • Why do trout in small streams take flies more readily when the water is high?
  • Where do you recommend I go trout fishing in the East when I visit in July?
  • A great story about a listener getting generous advice from a famous angler along a trout river.
  • A tip for keeping rod sections together using clothespins. 
  • What is the best streamer reel, line, and leader for a 7-weight rod?
  • What do you do when there is a very heavy hatch and almost too many natural insects?
  • I am having trouble hooking fish using the hand-over-hand retrieve when striper fishing. What can I do to increase my hooking rate?
  • What are three things a novice dry-fly angler should pay attention to?
  • Do you ever tie up dry/dropper rigs at home prior to going fishing?
  • Will my 8-weight be enough rod for fishing for striped bass from a boat?
  • What are some tips on picking flies for striped bass fishing at night?

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