Podcast: Georgia’s Native Brook Trout, with Sarah Baker

[Interview starts at 35:40]

My guest this week, Sarah Baker, is a woman who has a job most of us would envy—she studies and manages the populations of wild, native brook trout in the mountains of northern Georgia. Learn more about these southernmost populations of brook trout, their life history, and where you can find them (no spot burning, just some general areas to investigate for yourself).

In the Fly Box, we’ve got some great questions that range across the spectrum of fly fishing, such as:

  • A listener is confused by recommendations for sinking lines for an Alaska trip.
  • Can I tie flies smaller than size 18 with the regular jaws in my tying vise? Do I need to purchase midge jaws?
  • Someone told me not to use water-based head cement on size 20 and smaller flies. Why?
  • If I know I have a reasonable fly and good drifts, does it make sense to spend more than a half-dozen casts in one spot?
  • I am a newbie and other than the typical questions about what fly to use, what other questions should I ask in a fly shop that will be helpful?
  • If I want to try Spey casting with my single-hand fly rod, what fly line would be best?
  • Can smaller Spey patterns be used for trout and bass on a single-handed rod?
  • I am taking my first saltwater trip to Turks and Caicos. I have an 8-weight freshwater outfit. Do I need to get a special saltwater rod and line?
  • Can I use a 450-grain Depth Charge line on my 10-weight rod? And besides fishing for striped bass, what other saltwater applications are there for this line?
  • I am having trouble with my Clinch Knots breaking in cold weather. What am I doing wrong?
  • Any advice for tying on a size 22 Zebra Midge in cold weather?

7 thoughts on “Podcast: Georgia’s Native Brook Trout, with Sarah Baker”

  1. If your clinch knots are breaking, try using a 16-20 knot. I find this a better knot for finer tippets. Plenty of online videos to show how the knot is tied.

  2. What happened to the podcast “Georgia’s Native Brook Trout, with Sarah Baker”? Instead the link runs a podcast from March 7th 2016.

    1. Yep, it seems like the audio is from the last FlyBox and Podcast on December 16, 2022 featuring Jason Sullivan on fishing the Everglades and magnetized flies as first question in FlyBox.

      Thank and Happy New Year to All!

      PeterG – Batavia, Illinois

  3. I wanted to listen to the Georgia Native Brook Trout interview, but this isn’t the podcast that the link takes me to.
    Where can I find the correct link to that podcast??

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