Podcast: Good News from the Everglades, with Dr. Steve Davis

[Interview starts at 49:31]

This week, my guest is Dr. Steve Davis, chief scientist for the Everglades Foundation.  Steve gives us an update on the ongoing Everglades restoration project, which will benefit fisheries and clean water throughout Florida and not just in the Everglades. And it’s an optimistic report, which we don’t always have when we report on conservation issues. So stay tuned for some good news—for a change!

In the Fly Box, we have some great questions of interest to most fly fishers, including:

  • What are the pros and cons of a loop-to-loop fly line to leader connection as opposed to a nail knot?
  • What rod should I get for small-stream trout and panfish?
  • I want to give back to the fly-fishing community. What organizations should I look to?
  • Tell me the realities of moving from a vest to a sling pack.
  • Are eyes really important on saltwater patterns?
  • With improvements in rod technology, is a new Clearwater rod better than an older TLS Power Matrix rod?
  • What is your opinion on tippet length if I tie my own leaders?
  • Do trout and carp coexist in rivers and do they push each other around?
  • Is fishing for hatchery trout “cheating” and will I not learn anything useful fishing for them?
  • What is the product life cycle of a fly rod?
  • Can you explain the differences between the various types of glues for fly tying?
  • I can catch fish on nymphs without an indicator,  but I am having trouble when using one. What should I do differently?
  • I know fly lines are made to industry standards. Do the same standards exist for fly rods?

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