Podcast: Great Fly-Fishing in California, with George Revel

Interview starts at 50:42.

This week my guest is George Revel of Lost Coast Outfitters, the only fly shop in downtown San Francisco. George is a lifelong fly fisher (he was a tournament caster when he was a teenager) and has intimate knowledge of the best fly-fishing spots in California. Whether you live on the West Coast and are looking for new places to explore, or if you plan a visit to California, this podcast is a must.

In the Fly Box, we have some great questions and comments, including:

  • If you are unsure where the fish are, how long should your drift be and where should you place your fly?
  • I have a 9-foot 5-weight rod and want one other rod to do everything else, from bass to steelhead to salt water.  What additional rod should I buy?
  • Why am I foul-hooking so many trout this year?
  • A comment from a listener on why permit systems for our more crowded rivers may be needed.
  • In cold water, will trout feed deeper than four feet?
  • How important is it that my indicator and flies land in the same current?
  • What kind of line, or weight on my leader, should I use when trolling for pike?
  • Where is the best place to find an in-person fly-fishing mentor?
  • Would it be harmful to my boots or waders if I spray insect repellent on them to keep ticks away?
  • How far should you lead a trout you can see in a clear stream?
  • What surface flies should I use for stripers on Cape Cod in late summer?
  • How can I train my dog to be a good fly-fishing companion?
  • Will steaming an old cork handle off a fly rod hurt the blank?

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