Podcast: Guiding for Permit, with Captain Will Benson

Okay, get ready for this because it’s a long one! I figured that since I had not done a podcast in a couple weeks I would give you your money’s worth, and this podcast includes a long interview with Will Benson, noted permit guide and filmmaker. As you’ll hear, Will has strong passions for many things—permit, guiding, people, and the environment—and I had trouble cutting this one off. But it was a fun and educational interview, and was very inspiring for me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Furthermore, it’s a longer Fly Box than usual, with questions on finding a guide school, big fish getting off the hook, Clouser Minnows riding sideways, catching big stripers from shore, remembering Mel Krieger, catching carp in North Dakota, a recommended outfit for Atlantic salmon on the Gaspé peninsula, fishing caddis egg-laying events, and where and how to go fly fishing in the Greek Islands (spoiler—I have no idea).

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

Capt. Will Benson (right) shares the 2017 Del Brown Permit Tournament trophy with Mike Dawes.
Photo courtesy Will Benson

One thought on “Podcast: Guiding for Permit, with Captain Will Benson”

  1. Loved this podcast, maybe my favorite and I listen to them all. Will’s opening salvo of answering a question at first had me thinking – can I really listen to this guy with these long answers for the entire podcast? Will quickly won me over with his passion, thoughtful answers and unique perspective on his vocation. I loved the story about Will using his dog’s fur for the tournament flys, I am very sorry about your dog if you read this Will.

    As Will would know, the most successful hitters in baseball fail seven out of ten times and can still make the hall of fame. Good to keep in mind as we keep fishing with sometimes little or no catching.

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