Podcast: Hank Patterson and the 5 Millionth Download

This week we celebrate our 5 millionth podcast download and what better way to celebrate than have my hero and mentor Hank Patterson as my guest? As with all things Hank, you never know where you will end up, so be prepared for this one!

On the serious side, this week in the podcast we talk about tips for tying the Adams, best rods for casting practice, whether or not you need a net to land trophy smallmouths, the pros and cons of UV-cure vs. two-part epoxy, and what to tell an outfitter if the guide he matches you up with is less than stellar.

Happy New Year!

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

6 thoughts on “Podcast: Hank Patterson and the 5 Millionth Download”

  1. It was fun Tom. Thanks for the tips and the comedy. Keep those podcasts coming. Hopefully another bunch of February fly tying podcasts.

  2. After listening to this podcast, and the wisdom of the “Great Hank Patterson”, I now realize how inept I am when it comes to fly fishing. While I could see the benefits of hiring Hank as my personal fly fishing trainor, alas I cannot afford to pay his fee. Fortunately I am pursuing fish through a hole in the ice and will not be using a fly rod for the next several months. While I love fly fishing and have for 50+ years, going forward, I am affraid I would be doing a great diservice to even venture a stream.

  3. Nearly an hour of listening to his schtick gets awfully tough. I mean, it’s funny, but not that funny.

  4. Somehow, Patterson always makes me think of April 1. By then some of us will have begun the spring season and others will be suffering. So how about a not-quite-gag podcast about bad and failed ideas in fly fishing? I’m thinking especially of gear, but techniques could fit. Some slap-my-forehead-and-call-me,-Jesus stuff has been brought to market over the decades I fished flies: some simply wacky, some good in principle but flopped in the market, lots of transient fads, and some that keep coming back and might eventually take off. A bathroom-break perusal of an old Herter’s catalog would provide plenty of points of departure on all those fronts, without making Tom reveal second thoughts about missteps by Orvis.

  5. I generally love these podcasts, but this one felt like a single hour long off scripted joke. couldn’t take it. Patterson’s better in short bursts.

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