Podcast: How to Become a Better Wader, with Lindsay Kocka

[Interview starts at 42:30]

Lindsay Kocka is a fly-fishing instructor, formally trained natural-movement and strength coach, mobility specialist, yoga teacher, and mindfulness educator. She has used her fishing experience and formal training to come up with a method to help us wade stronger and more confidently. Regardless of your age, you’ll benefit from this podcast, which will give you lots of tips on how to feel more comfortable and confident on the water. You’ll also learn about how to get your body and balance in better shape for your upcoming trips on the water.  

In the Fly Box, we have an unusually large number of useful tips from listeners, as well as the usual questions for Tom, including:

  • Will my Clearwater fly lines be okay in salt water?
  • Why don’t we use grain weights instead of the AFTMA number system for identifying the weights of trout fly lines, like we do for double-handed rods?
  • The fly shops are always out of my favorite fly pattern, the Purple Haze. I just want to tie those. Should I start with a kit or should I just buy the materials I need for that fly pattern?
  • A tip from a listener on how to attach a fly so that it does not twist your leader.
  • When you work a section of water, should you work the near seam or the far seam first?
  • A tip from a listener on how to replace the permanent loop on your fly line with a new one.
  • A tip from a listener on how to remove burrs or grooves in your fly-tying bobbin.
  • A tip from a listener on why you should save old waders, and how to use them to patch new ones.
  • A tip from a listener on why it is important to support your local fly shop.
  • Tips from a blind fly fisher on methods he uses to enjoy fly fishing, and a couple tips from him on how to make threading a fly easier—something that all of us can benefit from.
  • Tips from a listener on practicing your fly casting from the position you’ll most often be fishing from.
  • What is the etiquette when wading anglers and boaters cross paths on the water?
  • Why would someone pick a 9½-foot or 9-foot, 5-inch rod over a 9-footer?
  • What tips do you have for casting a sinking leader?
  • Can I keep my rods set up in or on my car for extended periods?

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